Editorial board requirements

Manuscript format: A4. Paper size 10-12 thousand signs.

Annotation: 100-150 words.

Key words minimum: 5

The text body: “Introduction”, “Research methods”, “Research results”, “Discussion and Conclusion”.

Paper format:

font Arial, font size – 10.

first line paragraph – 1.25 cm;

all margins 2 cm,

formulae must be made in MicrosoftEquation 3.0 or MathType 5.0-6.0 Equation (font Arial), font size – 10. Formulae are enumerated in round brackets aligned right;

the body of an article must contain references to tables, drawings, diagrams;

tables, drawings, diagrams are put in text after the first mentioning;

the text of an article mustn’t conclude with a table, drawing or formula.